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Thursday, June 14, 2012

There are days I hate air conditioning!

Today is one of those days!
I was sitting outside reading the rest of a good book on my Nook (Through a Glass Darkly...pretty good).  PERFECT night about 75 degrees, no humidity, sun is slowly sinking, no wind, not too hot, not too cold, just lovely.  Ahhh...for once the kids and the hubs are leaving me alone, I can't believe it, and I'm not sure it's safe to go inside and find out why, but it was so peaceful.  One of those rare moments as a parent of four.  

I get to the end of my book, and it's getting darker, so I decide to go in.  I walk in the door and it's colder INside my house than the perfect temp OUTside my house.  This INSTANTLY pisses me off (hence the "Mommy on the Edge" it doesn't take much) so I march over to the thermostat to see what it's set at.   The gauge says it's set at 70 degrees.  WHAT. THE. HELL.!!??  This is the second time in a week my husband has messed w/ it, it wasn't even that hot today, the high was 81, there is NO reason to even turn it on.  So I give him the look of death and say, between my know what I mean..real evil-like.."I swear to God if that is set lower than 74 degrees again this summer I will take it OFF the wall!!!"  and stomp away.  I will.  He is not mechanical AT ALL and I can fix just about anything.  I installed it, I shall take it away.  MAN I hate that!  I just got  the electric bill from last month at $210 HOLY SHIT!  I can't afford that kind of bill.  He'll be lucky if I don't take if off the wall anyway.  It wasn't even on all month, just a few days here and there, between that and SOMEone leaving the hose leaking for 3 days (yeah water and electric on the same bill..we're so blessed) it added up.

Overall I don't like A/C anyway, I hate walking around my house in the summer and seeing the kids wrapped in blankets to watch a movie, or sleeping in winter pajamas or my feet feeling like icicles.  It's summer for Christ's sake, sleep in a T-shirt!  Enjoy the warmth, because this is Michigan and we will be plunged back into darkness and cold before you know it!  I should NOT have to walk outside to get warm.  The ONLY time it's tolerable is when it's 85 or above and high humidity, even then there's NO reason for it to be set lower than 74.  I hate being cold.


  1. Oh, we have the same fight down here in the sticky, hot south. Luckily it's been a mild one so far. We have an attic fan...which I LOVE!!! Our rule of thumb is when it reaches 85 outside, it's time to flip on the A/C. It stays at 75 during the day and then we fight between 70 & 71 at being the one that wants it at 70 b/c I can't sleep if I'm hot and I can't sleep w/o covers. Good ex's family is from MI and I ALWAYS loved coming up there in the summer to get some relief from the heat.

  2. I love open windows and fresh air. We turn on the A/C when we absolutely have to...which will be tomorrow. It's supposed to be 95 degrees and humid. ugh.

    1. Yes, open windows and fresh air..our A/C is on today, tonight and the 90's unfortunately. I'm glad I have a choice and it's not 100 years ago.

  3. Thanks for sharing this blog....but i love to b cold is nothing without Ac :)

  4. I don't like AC, I am always cold anyways and with the AC on I am freezing. I can even wear socks w/sneakers to work with a warm sweater on and it doesn't help. I have had my thyroid checked and no problem their, so why am I always cold?

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