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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rotten kids, it's not just for buses anymore...

Have you seen the Bus Monitor video?

Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.
If you haven't seen the video, you should really watch it.  It's a PERFECT picture of how ROTTEN kids can be.  These kids are assholes as are their parents for raising them this way.    If they treat an adult this bad, imagine how they treat each other?  I'm 38 years old, and have lived through this shit.  When I was in middle/high school I was teased unmercifully, I had acne, and I was one of the first girls in my class to get big boobs.  I would wait to get off the bus to cry, I cried at night, I contemplated suicide but even then, I didn't really think hard about it.  I had friends, and a good home, and a great Mom, I knew I was loved...but what would have happened if I didn't have that support at home?  A LOT of that teasing was done on the bus, but it happened at school too.  If you ever wonder why these poor kids commit suicide you only need to watch that video.  They made a GROWN WOMAN CRY, she's an adult, she knows they are just punk kids, she knows it really holds no weight for her, and still it made her cry.   When you're that age, other kids opinions of you is basically your world, you are constantly trying to keep up and fit in.  Should it be that way? Hell no, but it is.  Have you ever watched the movie "Mean Girls"  if not you should, it's so true.  I love that movie, I love the way she gets them all back at the end, but how many times in real life does that actually happen?  I don't know of any, eventually if you ignore them long enough they will find someone else to pick on, if you're lucky.  Or some teens take what they think is the last resort, and kill sad.   I think it's great the outpouring of love and support for Karen, however how many people/children have died/killed themselves over the same treatment and gone unnoticed, or unsupported?  

Bullying laws?  Really?  You know if someone from the past were to look into this they'd be laughing.  How did kids get so spoiled rotten that they can get away w/ this shit and we have to have LAWS against it?  I'm not saying these things didn't happen then, but SOMETHING would have been done and in a hurry.  This doesn't just happen on the bus, it happens at school, to the teachers, bus drivers and they can do NOTHING.  They are taught not to respond and send the kid to the office.  What if the kid won't go to the office?  Teachers NEED something, they need to have some sort of good punishment for these assholes, community service or SOMEthing.   No wonder we have schools full of shitty teachers, if I had to live through what they do everyday, I'd be a bitch too.  Bullying taught me to be a bitch, trust no one, don't give a shit what other people think, and that I have thick skin, blotchy or not.  

My principal had a paddle on the wall in his office.  I don't know if he ever used it, but we knew he would if he had to.  Do I want someone else paddling my kid? NO!  But if I teach my kids right from wrong, I shouldn't have to worry about it.  It's the people who count on society to raise their little assholes, those are the people's kids who will get paddled by someone else, because their parents don't care enough to discipline them. For example this article about a 10 yr kid getting punched by an adult because he was being too noisy and throwing popcorn at the man and his girlfriend.  Did that man get any support?  Nope, he got charged w/ Second degree assault and the whole U.S. was crying over the little douche bag getting punched.  I bet that kid will never act up in a theater again.  Do I think it's right? No, but who else is going to punish the kid?  Who drops off a 10 yr old w/ his friends to a PG-13 movie and leaves?  If you don't know your kid can behave in public w/o you, then you better not be leaving them.  Isn't that abandonment?  Where I live your kids have to be 12 yrs old to leave them alone somewhere, WTH?  No, this guy didn't get any support and he'll probably get sued by the parents because he hurt their poor little douche bag child. 

   There are still some good kids out there, that have good parents that don't let them act like assholes, too bad we're a dying breed.  If your kid yells at you,  swears in front of you, screams until they get what they want, does whatever the hell they want no matter what you say...your kid is probably an asshole.  If they will treat you that way, what's to stop them from treating ANYone else that way?  At least the little douche bags recorded it and got caught, how many other instances go unrecorded?


  1. I absolutely adore my kids, and for the most part they are good kids (with a little bit of asshole thrown in for balance). If one of my children behaved in the manner in which those children on the bus did toward that woman, they'd have every possession they have stripped from them, be lucky if they had any skin left on their ass, and be grounded for months. That is completely unacceptable!

  2. Can we bitch about anything to do with our kids? I just have the one and he is driving me over the edge. He will be 16 next month. His log distance relationship with a girl 250 miles away is all he lives for. If they cannot skype, talk, text, etc. all the time he is miserable when not in constant touch with her. School suffers, parents suffer. Stress - stress - stress. Has threatened to bolt and head to be with her. She is the same age and it is not like her parents would take him in - but I fear if he does anything stupid like that (lead by his heart and other organ) that he will be lost to us forever. His father and I are divorced - share custody - communicate and are on the same page. But with two one-parent homes with us both working full time we cannot keep an eye on him around the clock and he could sneak away one afternoon after school. It is causing so much stress on relationships and health and quite frankly on my last nerve. I had to vent!!!