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Sunday, February 5, 2012

HOLY Crap! She was right.

Yea...I'm addicted to Pinterest, so I've been messin' around on there and saw this sock bun tutorial.  Like this gal I'm also a cosmetologist so I was skeptical.  Of all the tips and tricks we use, this is one we were never taught in "beauty school".  So last night, I figured "what the hell... I got nothing better to do, and no where to go, lots to do tomorrow and I'd be ok w/ some curls for the day".  If it doesn't work, I'll just wash and move on.  This lady used a rolled up sock, hence the name "sock bun", my daughter does competitive baton and Poms so she had a bun form that I bought, which is basically the same thing, only a little thicker and easier to use.  Let me tell ya, trying to roll that thing DOWN my pony tail while rolling my hair around it, was like trying to catch a soapy baby in a bathtub, I have layers, it was everywhere, I was QUICKLY losing faith.  I will admit I only did a half-ass job and gave up.  Good enough. The bun was a mess, there was hair hanging out, it looked pretty bad.  My daughter laughed, "Mom why did you put your hair in a bun to go to bed?"... yea yea...go to bed!  So eventually I went to bed, woke up this morning the bun was hanging half way down the pony tall...I'm thinking, "this is SO not going to work".  As I stumble to the bathroom, I pull out the bun and pony tail, shake my hair out a little bit, rub the morning crap out of my eyes so I can see half way decent and..."HOLY SHIT!  IT WORKED!"

This was only a half-assed job, imagine if I had actually gave a shit LOL.  I'm impressed and totally convinced they should teach this crap at "beauty school".  However, I guess if everyone knew how to do this at home, they would quit going to the salon. me who needs new color BAAAD, just ignore that part, I also cropped off my fluffy PJ pants.  It's REALLY hard to take a pic of yourself w/ two mirrors and a camera.  I can't believe it's not blurry.


  1. I LOVED when I found that video about the sock bun!! I so need something to do with my hair and my hair doesn't curl and stay curled for NOTHING! It was amazing! LOL!

    1. Really shocking how well it turns out. It IS amazing!