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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why are seatbelts so hard to understand?

I drive a LOT, I drive my kids to school and back, I drive to work and back, and I drive to the barn and back.  I'm on the road more than I'm home it feels like.  So I see a lot of stupid stuff, but the thing that irritates me the most (besides old people w/ a license, but that's another post altogether) is seeing little kids roaming around the back seat w/ no seatbelt on.  REALLY?!  Where were these people in drivers ed class? Did they miss the videos of the child sized dummies flying through the windshield of the car in crash tests?  Do they miss all the advertising that is done about seatbelts, booster seats, car seats, do they?  HOW?   Maybe it's because of all the things I hear from my friend who's a retired fire dept. employee and first responder paramedic.  Maybe it's because I love my children and I want them to be safe no matter what the cost.  Say what you want about seat belts, but my opinion is that they save more lives than they cost so I'm sticking w/ it. I've been in a few accidents myself, and so far my seat belt has never increased the danger I was in.  I've never known anyone who was told they would have been killed if they were wearing a seat belt, I've never known anyone's child who was killed or injured because they were wearing a seat belt.  HOWEVER, I can remember as a child, riding in our van and my Mother was driving, I was of course not seat belted because it wasn't a law back then and no one really thought about it much.  So we were driving along, I was about 5 at the time, and a dog ran out in front of her, and she hit the brakes of course.  I did not fly through the windshield but I did hit the back of her seat, I ended up w/ a black eye and that's all thankfully, but it's something I'll never forget. 
Buckle up your kids! It's the freakin' law!...on the edge of calling the police every time I see it.
btw...these are not all junkie nasty vehicles that I see this in, yesterday it was a Mercedes.

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