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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I had to laugh today, it's beautiful here in Sunny Michigan...well for today at least.  They've been changing the forecast about this day for ya know...all week.   So I really didn't have any faith that it was ACTUALLY gonna get up to 80 degrees.  I've lived here all my life, I know what to expect or rather...not expect.  I had to laugh because my 7 yr old daughter said, "Mom, I guess it's not spring anymore, must be summer."  I kinda chuckled to myself and told her that no, it's summer for TODAY, and then tomorrow it will go back to the regularly scheduled crappy spring that we must always endure. 

It was AMAZINGLY warm and summer like today though.  I was sure we'd maybe hit 75 degrees and that would be it.  I wore a t-shirt and capris to church and (like a good MI girl) took a hoodie too just in case.  Surprised when I got out of church and I didn't need the hoodie at all.  Got home, took the dog for a walk and the kids rode their bikes, by the time I got back I had to change into shorts and a tank top cause it was so hot.  Opened every window in the house, turned on the ceiling fans and let it rip.  Amazing!  I think I may have even gotten a bit of sun on my shoulders.  I cleaned up the yard, played catch and pitched a few softballs to the kids, picked up all the sticks, dog poo, winter debris, played some ping pong out in the garage.  Very enjoyable...on the edge of wanting to move somewhere warmer.

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