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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sportsmanship...good and evil.

So like I said we(my daughter and I) attended a baton competition over the weekend.  My friend and her daughter, who is good friends w/ my daughter, also went.  The girls are on the same baton and pom teams, and compete against each other in solo events.  They were in the same basic box class together along w/ four other girls.  In the end, Brooke, my daughter took first, her friend then proceeded to cry and throw a fit because she didn't place at all.  Brooke felt so bad that she asked me if she could give her friend her trophy for winning the class.  I told her we needed to go talk about it first.  So off we went to the locker room to talk.   I was extremely proud of her for being so considerate of her friend's feelings, and I told her that.  I also told her that there's a way to be a good sport and lose gracefully and then there's a way to be a bad sport and act like her friend was doing.  I also told her that, if she wanted to give her friend her trophy that I wouldn't stand in her way, but that I think it's not a good idea to reinforce that if she(the friend) whines and cries and throws a fit, that someone will give her something.  Then I left it up to her.  She said, "I don't think I should giver her my trophy".  I told her that I thought that was a good choice.  Poor kid, here she was all excited about winning the tough class, and then she didn't even get to enjoy winning.  She didn't place at all in her next class and she just shrugged it off, no big deal.  Her friend competed in a different class, and took 2nd then proceeded to walk off the floor and throw her medal and whine and cry because she got second.  There were no repercussions for either display of being a bad sport.  Not cool.  I can understand being a little upset, or even a little teary eyed but throwing a fit is something I will not and do not tolerate.  If it were my kid we'd have been having a 'come to Jesus' meeting right then and there.  This was only her friend's second competition doing solo events, she should have been happy to get any place it was a tough class.

  I guess I'm just shocked at the behavior I witnessed, being that we carpooled together, and shared a room at the hotel, this was not the only bad behavior I saw from said child.  Idk what to do, I'm in a quandary here.  I really enjoy my friend (the Mom) but I really have a hard time w/ my daughter being around her daughter, which I really have no choice about since they are in the same class at school, they are on the same baton/pom teams.  I try to help her(my friend) out by picking up her daughter and mine to take them to practice.  The kid is just over the top naughty sometimes, I just can't believe the stuff she gets away w/. We were sitting in a restaurant after the first day of competition and she belches LOUD more than once, I was ashamed to be sitting at the same table.  I'm not saying that I or my kid is perfect, but there are limits and basic manners..wth?  On the edge of telling the Mom what I think of her kid...

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