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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


It has been an exciting day,  I got a phone call on my way to work and it was two of my best friends on speaker phone calling to tell me that one of them had been "let go" that morning, well that one happens to work at the same place I do and has worked there for 19 years.  She's good at her job, works tirelessly, takes on special projects, is the manager for our floor and just basically the model employee.  She was at work this morning when the new CFO and the HR lady walked into her office and started explaining to her why she was being let go, and that they would wait while she cleared out her personal belongings and was escorted out the building.  Well her and her husband were sharing a car today, and she and I live about three minutes apart so she asked them if she could just wait til I got there and I could give her a ride home.  They told her no that I had work to do and that she couldn't wait in the building or even in the parking lot, she needed to leave the property...yes this is how they treated this big hearted woman who's given them 19 years of service.  So she walked across the street to store there and waited for her husband to pick her up.  Did I mention it was also rainy?  Yeah...nice, real nice.

 So I heard all this one the phone on the way to work.  When I got out of my car and walked toward the building (I was off the phone by now) I see the CFO standing there.  I say "good morning" and he asks if he an see me for a minute.  I guess.  So I asked him if I was getting fired too.  He said nothing.  We go into an office where the HR gal was waiting with a folder of paperwork and then they explained to me why I was being "let go" due to downsizing.  I was not allowed to get my personal effects from my desk, I was not even allowed to go near the elevator, I was escorted out the building and to my car.  I told them, "well at least I don't have to wait in the store parking lot...that was really rude".  So I was right.  In all 8 of us employees got downsized today.  For me, yea it sucks, but I hated that job anyway, and I was already looking for another job, they just gave me a shove into being more serious about it.  I'm just really disgusted with how they treated my friend.  After that many years, to just throw her out in the street. WTF!?  I hope they go out of business, dirty bastards.

 Went home filed for unemployment, went down the MI works office and got registered, can't wait to find something better!  Made a great dinner that I would usually not have time for, and can't wait to sleep in tomorrow!  Moving on to better things.

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