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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No need to man will even consider looking at you!

As if cramps, bloating, and PMS weren't enough, women are also blessed with the fabulous hormone related acne outburst that comes with your "monthly gift" as well.

Just in case you had ANY thoughts of going out and maybe feeling attractive for any reason, you can just bottle that shit right back up and seal it away for at least a week...probably longer.  EVERY freakin' month, it's like a GIANT flashing sign, to any dude on the planet, guess what here comes your favorite big red pimple to go with all the other fun.  Do guys get that?  Probably not, but every woman you see knows, why? Because they have the same problem!!  Add in the bloating and the impossible to resist chocolate cravings and it's a wonder that all women don't weigh 400 lbs.  Not sure why we were blessed with all the drama, what do guys get?  They have to masturbate for 5 to 7 days because they can't get near us without the possibility of extreme bodily harm?  Oh poor them! I feel so bad for them...NOT! 

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