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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is it wrong to love the bathroom at work?

Is it?  Here's why I love the bathroom at work...

It's nearly always clean (now that the other building tenants moved out) and smells nice.  I said "nearly"  there is that one time a day when someone must go in there and drop ass like they've been holding it for a month and it reeks like a bloated corpse.  There is an automatic air freshener, but that just makes it smell like flowers covered in shit.

The toilets flush like Niagara Falls, and even if they happen to get clogged it's not my problem.  I just pass the word on and it gets fixed.

They are women only so it's pretty rare that you ever find pee on the seat, unless someone brings their toddler to work.  Well I guess if you're a hoverer(apparently that's not a word, blogger underlined it) it would be possible, so maybe they are just better about wiping it off afterward.

The trash is emptied nightly so there's no nasty trash, or floss hanging out of it, or anything like that,  AND I don't have to do it, another bonus.

There is not STUFF all over the counter that no one can seem to put away, you know toothbrushes, combs/brushes, toothpaste, empty toilet paper rolls, pony tail holders, hair clips, etc...

Lastly, there are FOUR toilets, glory glory hallelujah!!  So no matter when ya gotta go, chances are there's an open toilet.  NOT always the case in my house.  I live with my four pigs..I mean kids, 3 of which are boys, and ONE bathroom....the bathroom is truly nicer at work.

P.S. FORGOT ONE!  No one knocking on the door as soon as  you go in.  It seems like lately AS SOON AS I walk in the bathroom and shut the door my daughter is knocking on the door.  To which I say, "What do you need?"  She says, " I have to go to the bathroom".  So I say, "Well so do I!". Sheesh!  I thought I was beyond the years of having to pee with the door open, but now I wonder why I even bother to close it.  She's 10 yrs old, it's not like she's 2 and needs to go RIGHT NOW.

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