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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sleeping babies

I know I know...sleeping babies are the cutest thing on earth, yes. God made made them cute so we wouldn't eat them while their bones are soft...duh.  What I don't understand is all these pics of sleeping babies in stupid positions, or in mailboxes, or sleeping in stupid costumes, or in boots..etc.  Most of these pics have naked babies in them, WHY?  I don't want to see your naked baby, I have four kids, I've seen enough naked babies in my lifetime.

Like this one?  WTH?  The one kid is all folded up like a damn pretzel and the other one is crushing him/her.  Are their parents wrestlers?  Circus performers?  Why is this cute?

Again folded like a pretzel, sleeping? This kid is gonna need therapy to get over this picture, this is NOT cute, it's just annoying, why would any parent try to get their baby to sleep in that position just to take a picture?

This one, is just plain scary, are it's parents related to Hannibal Lector?  I was just joking about the soft bones thing, but really?!  Who does this.  This poor kid has a future on Jerry Springer I suspect.

I'm so sick of seeing these things, they're all over Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ I feel like it's a plague of sleeping babies in stupid pictures.  Most of these are professional pics, who would pay for that?  In my house if there was a baby sleeping everyone stayed FAR FAR away and was as quiet as possible, so the baby would stay that way for as long as they could.  Sleeping babies are like time bombs, you never know when they are going to go off.  While they sleep you can almost feel normal again, while they are awake you're back to hyper aware, destroyer of things not safe, robo Mom.  It is NOT a time to take stupid pics of them.


  1. Hi, I came across this blog because I thought it would answer my question about why I sleep like a pretzel. Now I realize that I was wrong and the intention of your blog is not to answer questions but to complain about "stupid baby pics." As for the baby sleeping like a pretzel, babies do that on their own. Parents don't make them sleep like that. In fact, I've been sleeping like that for 20 years. I really doubt the baby will need therapy as an adult to get over a picture of himself/herself sleeping as a baby. I'm sorry that this completely natural sleeping position annoys you so much. You're not the one actually having to sleep like that. Maybe you should stay off Pinterest and Facebook if it bothers you so much. And as a mother of four, you should know that babies sleep anywhere and everywhere. It's quite possible that the baby just fell asleep in that pot. I find it odd that naked baby pictures bother you so much, especially considering that how you come across these pictures must be completely voluntary. Nobody is forcing you to look at naked babies. You must do those searches on your own. And I hope for the sake of all innocent babies, you stop looking at naked baby pictures, too.

  2. Oh Anonymous, you sure got some balls sorry you were offended NOT! Hope you figure out why you sleep in the pretzel position, probably because your parents took crazy pics of you when you were a baby. If you read the blog you'd see that people ARE forcing me to look at them cause they are clogging up my newsfeed with them. Sheesh! I certainly don't go seeking them out, thank God it seems to have died down as of late. Then you came here to entertain me, thanks for the laughs, hope you have a good evening.

    P.S. if you REALLY think that baby fell asleep in the pot all by itself, maybe you need some therapy. It's obviously not old enough to crawl, or walk, and put itself in a pot on the stove.